Augusto C. Sandino

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Sandino in 1927. 

1929 1930

Sandino (center) in Mexico in 1929 with his staff: Sócrates
Sandino, the Salvadoran  Agustín Farabundo Martí, the
Dominican Urbano Gilbert, and the Mexican José Paredes.
Sandino (center) and his general staff: Francisco Estrada, Santos López, Juan Pablo Umanzor, and Sócrates Sandino.


Augusto Sandino's Family
Sandino Insurrection
U.S. Marines in Nicaragua
Victims of Sandino
Sandino: Patriot or Bandit?

Augusto Cesar Sandino (Bilingual)
Augusto Cesar Sandino (Spanish)
Tipitapa Agreement, May 11, 1927
San Albino Manifesto, July 1, 1927
Manifesto to the Nicaraguan Compatriots, July 14, 1927
Guidelines for the organization of Sandino's army, September 2, 1927
Letter to H. J. Amphlett, April 29, 1928
Letter to the rulers of Latin America, August 4, 1928
Manifesto to the Nicaraguan Liberals, January 1, 1929
A Denial, February 24, 1929
An Open Letter to President Herbet Hoover, March 6, 1929
Declarations to the World Press, March 18, 1929
Declarations to The New York World, January 28, 1930
Communique, October 20, 1931
U.S. troops aid cradle of Nicaraguan nationalism
U.S. Isolationism in the Republican Era of Normalcy 1921-1933
Horse Thieves to Rebels to Dogs: Political Gang Violence and the State in the
    Western Segovias, Nicaragua, in the Time of Sandino, 1926-1934