The Incas
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Coricancha Temple of the Sun

Gold and Silver Artifacts

Machu Picchu




Tambo Colorado


Trepanated and Modified Skulls


Guaman Poma de Ayala (1550-1616)
Nueva cronica y buen gobierno, I
Nueva cronica y buen gobierno, II

VIDEOS (English)
Inca mummies: Child sacrifice victims fed drugs and alcohol [BBC News] (2:26 min.)
In Search of Inca Treasures [Leonard Nimoy] (22:03 min.)
History's Turning Points: The Conquest of the Incas [History Channel] (25:07 min.)
The 4 day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, Peru  (25:46 min.)
The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman 2013 (39:51 min.)
Death Cults of the Incas [History Channel] (42:13 min.)
Inca Empire (Machu Picchu Road to the Sky) (45:32 min.)
Lost Treasures of Atahualpa [Discovery Channel, Peter Dickson, 1997] (46:07 min.)
Ancient megastructures: Machu Picchu [National Geographic] (46:48 min.)
Ice Mummies - Frozen In Heaven {Horizon, BBC, 1997] (47:20 min.)
Secrets Of The Incas: Cracking The Code [To the Ends of the Earth, Janet Suzman, Part 1] (49:46 min.)
Secrets Of The Incas: The War Against Time [To the Ends of the Earth, Janet Suzman, Part 2]  (49:53 min.)
Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors [Paracas skulls; Nazca lines; Maria Reiche; Pizarro conquest; Huaca del Sol; Moche; El Brujo; San Pedro cactus; Huaqueros; Lord of Sipan] (50:27 min.)
The precursors of the Inca [Tiahuanaco; Chan Chan; Moche; San Pedro cactus; Nazca; Sechin; Chavin; Huaqueros; Sipan; Chachapoya; Incas] (52:09 min.)
Machu Picchu Decoded [National Geographic - John Verano] (52:27 min.)
Guns, Germs, and Steel Conquest of the Americas [National Geographic] (52:29 min.)
Treasure Seekers: Lost Cities of the Inca [Hiram Bingham and Francisco de Toledo Biographies] (52:38 min.)
The Great Inca Rebellion [PBS Nova 2007 - Guillermo A. Cock; Puruchuco; Elena Goycochea; Melissa Murphy; John Guilmartin; Efrain Trelles; Maria Rostworowski] (53:10 min.)
Inca Mummies: Secrets of the Lost World [National Geographic 2002- Johan Reinhard; Tupac Amaru city; 3 children's mountain mummies; Pizarro conquest; Guillermo A. Cock; Peter Frost; Scott Gorush; Vilcabamba at Cerro Victoria; Ollantaytambo; huaqueros; mummy bundles] (56:15 min.)
The Inca-Masters of the Clouds Clash of Empires [BBC - Johan Reinhard; Urubamba; Brian Bauer; Quitoloma; Yahuarcocha; Pizarro conquest; Guillermo A. Cock; Mick Frogley; Convento de San Francisco in Quito; Vilcabamba; Vitcos] (58:54 min.)

VIDEOS (Español)
Descubren cerámica Chimu y ofrenda inca en Machu Picchu (2:15 min.)
Los misterios de Puruchuco un tesoro arqueológico Inca olvidado en Lima (15:56 min.)
El Imperio Del Sol - Las Leyendas De Cuzco (22:35 min.)
El imperio del Sol - Sacsahuaman (23:33 min.)
El Imperio del Sol - El Valle Sagrado (23:41 min.)
El imperio del Sol - La Ruta de Viracocha (24:39 min.)
Los Incas el Imperio dorado (27:02 min.)
Especiales Pirry: "Machu Picchu" el último secreto (29:24 min.)
Machu Picchu: La Joya del Emperador, I (43:23 min.)
Machu Picchu: La Joya del Emperador, II (43:08 min.)
Machu Picchu su Historia [Modern Marvels]  (44:25 min.)
Peru, La Tierra de los Dioses (45:02 min.)
Redescubriendo Machu Picchu (45:02 min.)
Antiguas Super Estructuras: Machu Picchu (46:48 min.)
Exploracion Inca [History Channel - Sipan; Spondylous shell; Caballitos de Totora; Chavin; Caral; Kipus; Cusco; Inti Raymi] (47:23 min.)
Historia 6 Pre San Marcos [Chimu-Aymara-Tahuantinsuyo] (47:28 min.)
Qhapaq Ñan: el camino inca de la costa (47:54 min.)
El Imperio Inca - Tahuantinsuyo, Chinchasuyo, Chinchay Suyo [Norte] (47:23 min.)
El Imperio Inca - Tawantinsuyu, Collasuyo - Qullasuyu [Sur] (48:25 min.)
Francisco Pizarro the Conquistador, BBC (49 min.)
Camino Inca Completo Reportaje al Peru (49:17 min.)
El Inca Pachacutec [History Channel] (50:47 min.)
El secreto de los Incas la guerra contra el tiempo (51:39 min.)
El Imperio Inca [2007] (52:59 min.)
Documental Cuzco ombligo del mundo de Alejandro Guerrero (1:22 hr.)
Ancient Kingdoms of Peru by Nigel Davies - Chapter 1 (24:51)

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Ancient Pillars Bring Sun to Inca Ritual (Discovery Channel Online News, September 29, 1998)
Andean find pushes earliest date of metalworking back 1,000 years (Associated Press, November 5, 1998)
Jungle returns to Peru's top tourist site after fire (CNN, Nov. 7, 1998)

Mythic silver lode may alter Bolivia fortunes again (CNN, Feb. 22, 1999)
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Peru's main native language still widely heard (CNN, May 17, 1999)
Peru protesters block tourists from Inca citadel (CNN, Aug. 29, 1999)
American explorer says he's found lost city in Peru (Miami Herald, September 26, 1999)

Tourism, Conservation Do Battle at 8,000 Feet (Los Angeles Times, May 10, 2000)
TV shoot damages Inca ruin (Miami Herald, September 12, 2000)

Peru Seeks to Calm Fears of Machu Picchu Collapse (New York Times, March 9, 2001)
Incan portal unearthed in Peru (Miami Herald, Dec. 6, 2001)

Lost Incan settlement discovered in Peru (CNN, March 18, 2002)

Corren peligro las piedras de muros incas en el Cusco (El Nuevo Herald, Marzo 05, 2004)

Inca warrior's wound tells another tale (Los Angeles Times, June 20, 2007)

German may have found, looted Inca city (Miami Herald, June 5, 2008)
Debate Rages in Peru: Was a Lost City Ever Lost? (New York Times, Dec. 7, 2008)

Builders stun Peru by BULLDOZING 4,000-year-old pyramid at one of the country's oldest archaeological sites

A history of the Incas
Cajamarca:Imperial tomb of the Incas
Andes Expedition: Searching for Inca Secrets