European immigrants arriving in New York City in the 19th century
World History
since 1500

Spring Semester 


Dr. Antonio de la Cova

Office: Sycamore Hall 039
Hours: 11-12 AM  T-Thu.
Phone: 855-4745

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The second half of a two-semester survey course analyzing world history from a "global village" approach, from 1500 AD to the present. The course explores the issues of political systems, economics, culture, gender, religion, environment, conflict, and the migration of peoples, as common elements of the evolution of human society.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: There will be Power Point lectures, video analysis, and readings that require taking notes. Students are expected to use logical arguments sustained with evidence in class discussions and to improve their reading, writing, analytical, and speaking skills.

READINGS: You are expected to read the assigned texts and other articles assigned weekly. Questions regarding the texts and articles will appear on the exams and essay quizzes. The required texts are:

Bulliet, et. al., The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History. 3rd ed. Houghton Mifflin, 2005. ISBN 0-618-42766-X
Schlesinger, et. al., Global Passages, Vol. II, since 1500. Houghton Mifflin, 2004. ISBN 0-618-06796-5

LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES RESOURCES WEBSITE:  Contains topics and data related to this course.

GRADING: Your grade will consist of a Mid-Term Exam (30%), a Final Exam (30%), two essay quizzes (15% each), and participation and attendance (10%). Missing eight or more classes will further drop you another letter grade. The exams will cover material from the readings, lectures and presentations.

(100-92=A), (91.9-90=A-), (89.9-88=B+), (87.9-82=B), (81.9-80= B-), (79.9-78=C+), (77.9-72=C), (71.9-70=C-), (69.9-68=D+), (67.9-62=D), (61.9-60=D-), (Below 59.9= F).

MAKE-UP EXAMS: It will only be given if you have a valid physician's excuse or a verified family emergency. Makeups are different and considerably more difficult than the regularly scheduled test.

MISCONDUCT: Plagiarism and cheating will be dealt with according to the student code of conduct.

Please contact me the first week of classes if you have special learning needs.

CLASSES        LECTURE TOPICS                           ASSIGNED READINGS
Jan. 10-12             Overview of the course                                               Exam & study guides
                              Transformations in Europe                                          Bulliet, 445-65; Schlesinger, 1-15.
Jan. 17-19             Monarchies in England and France                              Bulliet, 466-83; Schlesinger, 16-31.
                             Society in Colonial Latin America                                Bulliet, 484-502; Schlesinger, 32-45.

Jan. 24-26             Plantation life in the 18th century                                 Bulliet, 503-24; Schlesinger, 46-58.
                             The Ottoman Empire to 1750                                      Bulliet, 525-43; Schlesinger, 58-73.

Jan. 31                  Trade Empires in the Indian Ocean 1600-1729            Bulliet, 544-64; Schlesinger, 73-86.
Feb. 2                   The Russian Empire                                                     Bulliet, 565-81; Schlesinger, 87-103.

Feb. 7-9                Prelude to Revolution: the 18th century crisis               Bulliet, 582-607; Schlesinger, 104-20.
                             Causes of the Industrial Revolution                              Bulliet, 608-31; Schlesinger, 121-37.

Feb. 14-16            Latin American independence                                     Bulliet, 632-49; Schlesinger, 138-50.
                             The Abolition of slavery                                              Bulliet, 650-62; Schlesinger, 151-66.

Feb. 21-23            The New British Empire                                             Bulliet, 663-89;  Schlesinger, 167-80.
                              Land Empires 1800-1870                                         Bulliet, 690-704; Schlesinger, 181-97.
Feb. 28                  Russia and Asia                                                         Bulliet, 705-18; Schlesinger, 197-215.

March 2                 Mid-term Exam

March 7-9             Global diversity and dominance                                   Bulliet, 719-35; Schlesinger, 215-31.
                              The Unification of Italy                                               Bulliet, 736-47; Schlesinger, 232-46.

March 11-19         Spring Recess

March 21-23         The New Imperialism 1869-1914                              Bulliet, 748-66; Schlesinger, 247-62.
                              Environment and Technology                                     Bulliet, 767-83; Schlesinger, 263-79.

March 28-30         The Russian Revolution                                              Bulliet, 784-803; Schlesinger, 279-93.
                              The Rise of Fascism                                                  Bulliet, 804-18; Schlesinger, 294-309.

April 4-6                The Second World War                                            Bulliet, 819-30; Schlesinger, 309-24.
                              Independence movements in Africa and India             Bulliet, 831-56; Schlesinger, 325-40.

April 11-13            Cold War and decolonization 1945-1975                   Bulliet, 857-78; Schlesinger, 340-57.
                              The Third World                                                        Bulliet, 879-86; Schlesinger, 357-74.

April 18-20            Asian Economic Expansion                                        Bulliet, 887-902; Schlesinger, 374-90.
                              The Industrialized naqtions                                         Bulliet, 903-17; Schlesinger, 390-404.

April 25-27            Globalization at the turn of the Millenium                    Bulliet, 918-31; Schlesinger, 405-23.
                              Militant Islam                                                            Bulliet, 932-45; Schlesinger, 423-42.

May                       Final Exam (Day & time to be announced)

              Final Exam (Day & time to be announced)

The preceeding schedule and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.