19th Century U.S. City Histories, Directories and Maps


"More Unequally Taxed than any People in the Civilized World": The Origins of Georgia's Ad Valorem Tax System. Peter Wallenstein. The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Winter 1985.

Columbus, Georgia
Martin, John H. Columbus, Geo., from its Selection as a "Trading Town" in 1827, to its Partial Destruction by Wilson's Raid, in 1865 (1874)

Macon, Georgia
The Macon Directory for 1860 (Mears & Co.)

Savannah, Georgia
Directory of the City of Savannah for the Year 1850 (David H. Galloway)

Columbus, Ohio
Directory of the City of Columbus [Ohio] for the Years 1850-51

Jacksonville, Florida
Webb's Jacksonville [Florida] Directory, 1876-77

Louisville, Kentucky
Directory for 1851-1852, City of Louisville (John B. Jegli)

New Orleans, Louisiana
Cohen's New Orleans and Lafayette Directory for 1851

New York City, New York
Dogget's New York City Directory 1848
Trow's City Directory 1857
Trow's City Directory 1858-59
Trow's City Directory 1860
Trow's City Directory 1861
Trow's City Directory 1862
Wilson's New York City Copartnership Directory 1864-65
Trow's City Directory 1865
Trow's City Directory 1872
Goulding's New York City Directory 1877
Trow's Business Directory of Brooklyn 1899
Trow's City Directory 1901
Trow Copartnership and Corporation Directory of Manhattan and the Bronx 1906
Trow's Manhattan and Bronx Directory 1908
Appletons' Dictionary of New York and Vicinity 1883
Directory to the Charities of New York 1874
The Medical Directory of the City of New York 1886

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory for 1839
McElroy's Philadelphia City Directories for 1856, 1857, 1858, 1861, 1866
Map of Philadelphia 1840
History of the Central High School of Philadelphia (1902)
Scharf, J. Thomas and Thompson Westcott. History of Philadelphia 1609-1884, Vol. 2 (1884)
Young, John Russell, ed. Memorial History of the City of Philadelphia from its First Settlement to the Year 1895, Vol. II (1898)

Charleston, South Carolina
Map of Charleston, S.C. 1855 (J. H. Colton & Co.)
The Charleston Directory 1859 (Mears & Turnbull)
The Charleston Directory 1866 (Burke & Boinest)
The Charleston Directory 1869 (Jowitt)

Other Directories
Register of the Department of State, 1870
American Newspaper Directory 1872
Trow's Legal Directory and Lawyers' Record 1875