United States-Latin America Relations

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

The First Inter-American Conference, Washington, D.C., 1889-1890
Newspaper articles

Human Rights
Quieter Approach to Spreading Democracy Abroad
Clinton riles with rights remarks

Caribbean farmers protest plan to destroy marijuana plants
Carter Center to monitor Venezuelan elections
Carter to visit Costa Rica, Ecuador
Colombia's Pastrana, Clinton sign anti-drug pact
Miami attractive to exiled rulers
'New era' in U.S.-Colombia ties spotlights concern
U.S. relations with Caribbean under strain
U.S. wields carrot and stick in Colombia
U.S. responds to Caribbean drug cooperation suspension
U.S. wins banana ruling

Banana dispute sparks Caribbean fear, resentment of U.S.
Caribbean nations accuse U.S. of breaking vow on banana sales
Caribbean nations suspend treaty with US due to banana dispute
Caribbean Unity? Bananas Are Getting in the Way
Central America aid package, full of extras, nears passage
Clinton and Latin Leaders Turn to Immigration
Clinton bound for Central America to view Mitch's wrath
Clinton looks forward, not back, on Central America tour
Clinton touting peaceful use of U.S. military in Central America
Clinton to Visit Central America, Returning It to the Front Burner
Helms derailing key Clinton appointments abroad
Jamaican leader assails U.S. `war' on bananas
Latin Americans hail WTO banana ruling
Stream of fake cash flows from Colombia
Trade, tourism, tumult: Caribbean leaders look for solutions
US lobbyist says Clinton betrayed Caribbean in banana dispute
U.S. military expands Central America program

Latin Leaders Rebuff Call by Clinton on Colombia
Students remind island of bloody time from past

Democratic charter hits wall as OAS stalls vote
Powell: Latin America important to U.S.
Solidaridad con reservas divide a Latinoamérica

Andeans get break on duties
As Latin America simmers, Bush says U.S. to renew focus
Bush Declares Free Markets Are Essential for Americas
Bush focuses again on Latin America
Latin American Countries Skeptical of U.S. Trade Agreement
U.S. planning to keep corrupt Latin American officials out
White House won't defer import duties

President George Bush's Latin American trip, March 2002


 "Death to Bush" protester
 in Peru.
FMLN protesters in
San Salvador support
Sept. 11 terror: "Yankees
there goes another plane."

Arena, PCN y PDC optimistas
Bush abre nueva era para la región
Bush arrives in El Salvador
Bush, Fox make deals on aid, border, but not on immigration
Bush heads south to a troubled continent
Bush plans would-be immigrants aid
Bush quiere integración
Bush se compromete a desclasificar más rápido documentos secretos
Bush to talk drugs, trade, immigration on Latin trip
Bush, Toledo Vow Regional Cooperation
Bush triples aid pledge to Peru
Bush Urges Nations To Use Aid as Tool Against Corruption
Bush Vows to Keep Andes Region Stable
Bush's visit eclipses El Salvador's past
Central America ambivalent toward free trade
Central America Waits for Dividends of Peace
Domestic Politics Follow Bush Abroad
El Salvador on an Unfinished Road to Reform
Entretelones de la cumbre presidencial Perú-EEUU
For Peru's Toledo, return of Peace Corps is personal
In El Salvador, Bush Talks of Trade and Criticizes Democrats
Latin American Tour
Lima Under Strict Security for Bush Visit
The man responsible for what happened in Monterrey is Jorge Castañeda
Mayor comercio es el mensaje
On the Eve of Latin Trip, Bush Ties Aid to Reforms
Peru Support of Free Trade Draws Praise in Bush Visit
President Discusses Trade in Tense Peru
President Leaves on Latin Trip, Despite Deadly Bombing in Peru
Reeling From Blast, Peru Prepares for a Visit From Bush
Tras histórico encuentro surgió compromiso por la democracia
Una visita fugaz y exacta
U.S., Peru pledge to fight terror together

Bush policy toward Latin America stuck in limbo
Bush recibe a líderes centroamericanos
Latin America's woes
Leaders' comments upset Reich


Bush in Chile, Nov. 2004

Thousands of stolen cars from Florida, elsewhere found in Guatemala
For Once, Latin Americans Ask the U.S. to Butt In
Kerry on the Americas
In Central America, Reagan Remains A Polarizing Figure
Bush proposes storm aid package
Kissinger Cool to Criticizing Juntas in '76
U.S. role in Latin America debated
Hemispheric trade zone stumbles
4 nations that won't sign deal with U.S. risk aid loss

Rice Begins Latin America Trip
Bush Predicts Democracy In Cuba
Rice Urges OAS to Back Democracy
OAS ends up with compromise on powers to guard democracy

Analysis: How the US 'lost' Latin America

Democrats are shaping Latin America policy in dramatic ways
Diplomat: U.S. faces test in Latin America
Caribbean ponders McCain, Obama policies
Candidates Stay the Course on Latin America
After Hurricane Ike, battered Caribbean nations reach out for relief
Analysis: US relations with leftists leaders sour
Old flame cited as part of McCain's Latin experience
Developing nations get boost
Latin America and the United States: The more things change
Latin America Looks Up
Report Calls for Fresh Approach to Latin America

Haiti, Chávez are early tests
Inter-American Relations Roiled
Joe Biden's visit to Chile shows renewed interest in Latin America
Biden rules out lifting Cuban embargo