Summit of the Americas

Summit of the Americas 1998 (New York Times)
Chilean journalists give Clinton the Illustrated Kama Sutra
Clinton Arrives in Chile for Talks
Clinton tells Chile to focus on trade
Clinton Urges Latin America to Be Patient on Free Trade
Free trade is focus as Americas summit opens
Latin America Plans New Drug War
Leaders set date to start trade talks
Reaching the Summit?
Trade Shunted at Summit

At rally, Castro mocks Americas' trade plan, leaders
Bush Links Trade With Democracy at Quebec Talks
Bush Says He'll Press Effort for Hemisphere Trade Pact
Canada Is Set to Display Its Links to Latin Lands
Declaration of Quebec City
Demonstrators at the Summit Are Greeted With Tear Gas
Mensaje de Fidel a los manifestantes de Quebec
News Analysis: Biggest Obstacle to Selling Trade Pact Is Sovereignty
On Free Trade, Castro Sees U.S. Guile and Latin Dupes
Quebec Summit Gives Bush Forum to Promote Free Trade
Talks (and Protests) to Begin on Trade Pact for Americas
Talks Tie Trade in the Americas to Democracy
Trade Summit

Castro fails to show at summit, cites storm crisis
Cumbre Iberoamericana critica proteccionismo y condena al terrorismo
Jeers, cheers await Castro in Peru
Less dramatic Ibero-American summit likely without Castro
Lima Summit Meeting Ends
Peru summit condemns terrorism
Security strengthened for Latin summit in Peru
Security tight as Peru prepares for summit


Summit of the Americas: Behind the handshakes
For Many It's a Summit, For Bush It's a Pique
Fox Struggles For Relevance As Americas Summit Opens
The Americas' New Left Challenges Bush


Fourth Summit of the Americas

Summit coverage by the Miami Herald
At Americas Summit, Leaders to Press U.S.
Obama Says U.S. Will Pursue Thaw With Cuba
Clinton Scores Points by Admitting Past U.S. Errors
Obama Wins Praise At Summit But Feels Heat on Cuba
Chavez Gives Obama Book on Latin America
Bolivia's Morales Slams US 'Conspiracy'