Operation Condor

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Primer Comunicado de la Junta Coordinadora Revolucionaria (1974)

Socialist International support for revolutionary movements in Latin America

Argentina to pay reparations to wife of slain Bolivian military leader
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Ex-guerrillas storm the ballot box
EU entrenará a ejército colombiano
A Flame Kept Burning: Counterinsurgency Support After the Cold War
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Latin America's Leftists Say Adios to Revolution
Military Doctrine and Counterinsurgency: A British Perspective
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From guerrillas to politicians

School of the Americas (NewsHour Sept. 21, 1999)
School of the Americas Watch
Army Training School to Rise Again, Recast but Unmoved
Army's controversial 'School of the Americas' to close Friday
Funding approved for Army school linked to rights atrocities
House Votes to Trim Funds for School for Latin American Soldiers
In narrow victory, House agrees to reform U.S. military school
Protesters at Georgia Base Tried on Trespass Charge
School Long Seen as Despots' Training Center Faces a Cutoff
Sibling Nuns Will Go to Prison for Protesting at U.S. Military School
Thousands march outside Army school in annual protest
Thousands protest 'School of Assassins'
Bajo asedio la escuela de las Américas
Inventario de ataques y contraataques por la polémica Escuela de las Américas
Sacerdote se vale de técnicas guerrilleras
Usan frases de la Guerra Fría contra la Escuela de las Américas
Se retiran de escuela militar en EEUU
SOA trials end