Haitian Immigrants in the U.S.



     Haitians protest in Miami against Aristide, Feb. 21, 2004      Lucrner Pierre, center, marches in a pro Aristide rally in the
     Brooklyn borough of New York, Saturday, March 6, 2004.


Double Minority: The Haitians in America
Haitians revisit role in U.S. history
Portraits of South Florida Haitian Americans
226 years late, Haitian fighters closer to tribute

Haitian families cling to hope for survivors

For Haitian migrants, hope is thicker than tragedies
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Haitians demand inclusion in immigration amnesty plan
Haitians fearing census numbers
Haitians Rescued From Boat Stuck Off Fla. Coast
INS prepares to deport more than 160 Haitians
200 Haitian migrants presumed dead

For Haitians, today also Independence Day
In Florida, a Limbo for Haitians Only
Renewed Calls for Revising Policy on Haitians

Coast Guard repatriates Haitian migrants
Haitian migrant influx strains Bahamas
 'You support those who raised and took care of you on the island'
Activist fights for cause of minority firms
Art transplanted to Gables
A helping hand for others
Achieving, though 'life was tough'
S. Florida's Haitians find success, struggle
We the Haitian people


Haiti's plight felt in Dade
Haitians building boats to flee to South Florida
Activists urge U.S. to give Haitians protected status
Haitian-Americans in S. Fla. fear exodus from turmoil at home
Unrest in Haiti worries immigrants
U.S. Drafting Proposal to Help End Haiti's Violence
Florida Senators Urge Action on Haiti, Fearing Tide of Refugees
Haitian refugees cluster with old neighbors, relatives in S. Florida
Poll: Most Haitians in U.S. back Aristide
U.S. urged to help out Haiti
Gathering at Bayfront Park supports Haitians
Island Chaos Casts a Pall Over Miami's Little Haiti
Exodus underway, officials say
U.S. authorities investigate Haitian freighter incident
Advocates for Immigrants Scorn Bush Policy on Haitian Refugees
Haitian-Americans, advocates condemn return of migrants to Haiti
Haitians not in exodus, feds say
Emotions run high in Miami's Little Haiti
Intellectuals urge black community to 'fight the fight of Haitians'
For Haitians, only sure thing seems to be uncertainty
U.S. returns 530 intercepted Haitians, drawing fire from activists, legislators
S. Florida Haitians speculate about Aristide transition
In South Florida, Haitian Americans wonder and worry
Coast Guard continues increased vigilance for Haitian migrants
Discussion on Haiti becomes rallying cry
Miami's Haitians watch trouble at home


Veye Yo community center, Little Haiti, Miami.

South Florida Haitians divided on reaction to Aristide's flight
Coast Guard tightens watch
S. Florida Haitians erupt in tears, cheers on Aristide's exile
South Florida Haitians rally to send relief to island
Aristide disappoints expatriates
Supporters say Haitian leader brings hope to troubled nation
Haitians rush flights - to leave or return
Couple accused of enslaving girl
Haitian Americans feel hope, fear for homeland

Latortue attending fundraiser in Dade, and protest is readied
Aristide's supporters protest Latortue visit
For Haitian immigrant family of eight, insurance is not an option
S. Florida migrants give U.S. input on aid to Haiti
Haitians to raise flags for unity
Lawmakers: Don't send Haitians back

Gov. Bush unveils new Haiti panel
GOP courts Haitian Americans
Miami-Dade leaders call for contributions
No halt on deporting Haitians
U.S. expels Haitian trying to stay
Little Haiti welcomes freed activist priest

U.S. citizen's goal: to be leader of Haiti
Haitian teen wins battle to stay
Sisters help students in Little Haiti
Sailing north only way to escape for some Haitians
Haitians risk lives, savings to reach S. Fla.

Lawyers Protest Deportation of Illegal Immigrants to Haiti
Haitian American professionals kick off conference today
Lens on life: Students' eloquent photos offer loving look at Little Haiti

Haitians up pressure for special immigration status
Haitian activists want Obama to address immigration goals

Cuban American Representatives ask Obama for TPS for Haitians in the U.S.
Obama administration grants TPS to Haitians
Haitians Illegally in U.S. Given Protected Status
200,000 Haitian migrants could file for Temporary Protected Status
US offers protected status for Haitian immigrants
Kendall workshop aims to clarify TPS process for Haitians
78 Haitians caught at sea repatriated to homeland