Grenada Invasion

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Maurice Bishop and Fidel Castro Bernard Coard

Grenada Governor-General Paul Scoon


Grenada Documents: An Overview and Selection (1984)
Operation Urgent Fury
Grenada Invasion Map

Cuban Ambassador's American wife faced Marines on Grenada (Miami Herald, Nov. 11, 1983, 1)
After a Visit, Some Second Thoughts in Congress
Agonizing Decisions
A Strange Peace After A Strange War
Crisis in the Caribbean
"Enough Guns to Arm a Division"
Getting Back to Normal
Marines: Cutting Edge of Tough New U.S. Policy
Message From Grenada: "Yankees Don't Go Home"
Not All Sugar and Spice
Why the Surprise Move in Grenada-and What Next?

Convicts in '83 coup to be freed

Coup convicts ride out storm in prison