Guerrillas in
El Salvador

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House in La Laguna, Chalatenango.


Joe Sanderson, a native of Urbana, Ill., working in a rebel camp in El Salvador around 1981. Sanderson died in April 1982, one of only two Americans known to have died while in the ranks of that country's leftist guerrilla movement in the 1980s and '90s.

El Salvador elections, guerrillas and military (CNN news reports 1985)

FMLN violence against opponents (Report of the Commission for the Truth on El Salvador)
The Challenge to Democracy in Central America: El Salvador (1986)
Prisk, Courtney E., ed. The Comandante Speaks: Memoirs of an El Salvadoran Guerrilla Leader (1991)
U.S. Policy in El Salvador 1980-2000

Sandinista National Liberation Front


Deliberation begins in case of slain churchwomen
Doctor says he treated torture victims
Envoys wrote of Salvador abuses
Ex-envoy testifies of generals' abuses
Ex-Salvadoran generals face Florida trial for nuns' deaths
Former envoy testifies on behalf of Salvadoran ex-general
Former military leader denies role in deaths of nuns
Former Salvadoran generals cleared in four church women's deaths
Former Salvadoran guard chief testifies he couldn't halt abuses
General says he tried to do only good
Generals cleared in deaths of women
Generals jury seeks guidance for verdict
Judge denies new trial in case of Salvadoran generals
Jury reads resignation letters
Justice Sought in Trial of Salvadoran Generals
Killings of 4 Churchwomen Not Policy, Salvadoran Says
Kin of Nun Slain in '80 Keep Faith in a Cause
Salvadoran ex-generals on trial
Salvadoran ex-official denies role in killings
Salvadoran General Admits He Knew of Abuses
Salvadoran generals' human rights trial reaches closing arguments
Slain churchwomen live in campaign for justice
Slain Nuns' Families to Seek Retrial
Slain women's siblings testify against generals
Torture victims press new case against Salvadoran ex-generals
2 Ex-Salvador Generals Cleared by U.S. Jury in Nuns' Deaths
2 Salvadoran Generals Sued by Families of Slain Churchwomen
Trial of Salvadoran Generals in Nuns' Deaths Hears Echoes of 1980
$55 million torture ruling against Salvadoran generals living in Florida dismissed

Church urges El Salvador and former paramilitaries to reach pay settlement
Cisma en el partido de los ex guerrilleros salvadoreños
Digging to resume at site of Salvadoran massacre
El Mozote: Another Hallowed Terror Ground
El Salvador, magistrate will not reopen case of slain Jesuit priests
El Salvador to Reopen Murder Probe
El Salvador town buries loved ones on massacre anniversary
El Salvador's president doesn't believe new general killed French nurse
Former fighters try to enter El Salvador's Central Bank
Former guerrillas marching to defeat
Former Salvadoran rebel leader seeks candidacy
Former trooper freed in Americans' murder
In El Salvador, the Slain Finally Rest in Peace
Massacre Survivor Meets Parents
Martyred Salvadoran closer to beatification
No new trial set in deaths of 6 Jesuits
Official to seek release of soldier imprisoned for killing U.S. nuns
Paramilitaries Demand Pay for War Efforts
Salvador court refuses to release slayer of U.S. nuns
Salvadoran father reunited with son after 20 years
The Salvadoran Left Applauds Clinton
Salvadoran Prelate Asks Release of Killers
Salvadoran president opposes reopening case of slain priests
Salvadoran president recalls his country's troubled past
Salvadorans denied parole in rape, murder of nuns
Salvadorans who killed nuns in '80 freed from prison
Santa Tecla Journal: Shovels Are Easier Than Rifles, Ex-Guerrilla Says
Senior officers ordered murder of nuns, jailed ex-soldier says
Sepultarán restos de masacre salvadoreña
10 years of peace in El Salvador
Were Salvadoran guardsmen ordered to kill nuns?
Where Countless Died in '81, Horror Lives On in Salvador

Former Salvadoran guerrilla poster girl finds a different role

O.A.S. to Reopen Inquiry Into Massacre in El Salvador in 1981

An American adventurer's death in El Salvador

División en torno a la paz salvadoreña
Ex guerrilla salvadoreña busca el poder
Ex guerrilla salvadoreña en histórica elección interna
La derrota remece a ex guerrilla del FMLN