Mexican immigrants in Texas in 1938
Latinos and other

Fall Semester 2005 

Classroom: Ballantine 005
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Dr. Antonio de la Cova

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COURSE OBJECTIVES: An analysis of Latino immigration to the United States with a special emphasis on the diversity of the immigration experience by national origin, region of settlement, and gender. In order to understand this experience, we will pay particular attention to the histories of Latino immigration to the United States in order to identify similarities between the receptions of Latino immigrant groups and other immigrants in history. We will also discuss predominant theories of international immigration, relationships between the historical and contemporary context, immigration policy, and the adaptation of Latino immigrants in the U.S.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: There will be Power Point lectures, video analysis, and readings that require taking notes. Students are expected to use logical arguments sustained with evidence in class discussions and to improve their reading, writing, analytical, and speaking skills. The IU Writing Tutorial Services can provide Discipline- and Course-Specific Tutoring if needed, which includes appropriate citation styles.

READINGS: You are expected to read the assigned texts and other articles assigned weekly through Oncourse. After using Oncourse, don't forget to Log Out, as it will record your session. Questions regarding the texts and articles will appear on the exams and essay quizzes. The required texts are:

Olson, James S. The Ethnic Dimension in American History. Brandywine Press, 1999. ISBN: 1-881-089-87-8
Gutierrez, David G. Between Two Worlds: Mexican Immigrants in the United States. SR Books, 2001. ISBN: 0-8420-2474-3

LATINO STUDIES RESOURCES WEBSITE:  Contains topics and data related to this course.

GRADING: Your grade will consist of a Mid-Term Exam (30%), a Final Exam (30%), two essay quizzes (15% each), and participation and attendance (10%). Missing four or more classes will further drop you another letter grade. The exams will cover material from the readings, lectures and presentations. Exam and study guides

(100-92=A), (91.9-90=A-), (89.9-88=B+), (87.9-82=B), (81.9-80= B-), (79.9-78=C+), (77.9-72=C), (71.9-70=C-), (69.9-68=D+), (67.9-62=D), (61.9-60=D-), (Below 59.9= F).

MAKE-UP EXAMS: It will only be given if you have a valid physician's excuse or a verified family emergency. Makeups are different and considerably more difficult than the regularly scheduled test.

MISCONDUCT: Plagiarism and cheating will be dealt with according to the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Please contact me the first week of classes if you have special learning needs. The IU Adaptive Technology Center can also assist you.

CLASSES        LECTURE TOPICS                           ASSIGNED READINGS
Oct. 24        The First Americans                      Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 1-24
               The European Migration                   Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 25-52
Oct. 26        Ethnicity and Manifest Destiny           Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 53-79
               The Origins of Slavery                   Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 80-100
Oct. 31        Southern and Eastern Europeans           Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 101-138           
               Jewish Americans                         Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 139-153
Nov. 2         Asian Americans                          Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 154-167                     
               The Nativist Reaction                    Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 168-178
Nov. 7         Native American Allotments               Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 179-192                  
               Jim Crow and Ghettos                     Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 193-205
Nov. 9         The Mexican Americans                    Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 206-236                      
               Black Power Movement                     Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 237-252
Nov. 14        The Hispanic Mosaic                      Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 253-270
               Mid-term Exam
Nov. 16        The Asian American Movement              Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 271-289
               The Newest Arrivals                      Olson, Ethnic Dimension, 290-303
Nov. 21        Sonoran Migration to California          Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, xi-22              
               Always the Laborer, Never the Citizen    Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 23-44
Nov. 28        Importation of Mexican Contract Labor    Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 45-88
               La Frontera in Mexican-American Thought  Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 89-118
Nov. 30        Noncitizen Americans in the Southwest    Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 119-124
               The Mexican-American Woman 1920-1950     Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 125-148
Dec. 5         Ethnicity and Class in Tex-Mex Music     Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 149-174                  
               Mexican Immigration Debate 1968-1978     Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 175-212
Dec. 7         U.S. Immigration Policy Toward Mexico    Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 213-228
               NAFTA and Mexican Immigration            Gutierrez, Between Two Worlds, 229-246
               Final Exam (Day & time to be announced)
The preceeding schedule and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.