The Day of
the Dead
(November 1)

     Maria de Jesus places flowers on the grave of
     her grandmother at El Cristo cemetery in
     Patzcuaro, Mexico.
     Maria Hernandez walks behind three crosses
     adorned with flowers at the entrance of her
     home in celebration of All Saint's Day in
     Chiapas, Mexico.

     The Hernandez family lights candles at a tomb
     covered with flowers and food for the Day of
     the Dead at the Zinacantan cemetery in
     Chiapas, Mexico.
     Candles are lit at a family tomb covered with
     flowers and food for the Day of the Dead at
     the Zinacantan cemetery in Mexico.

     Jose Luis Pinzon walks around a Mexico City
     cemetery where mourners pay him for playing
     melodies to the dead.
     Rosa Maria Bautista finishes arrangements
     to an altar in Mexico City's Zocalo Plaza.

     Baker Heriberto Silva Espino takes bread out
     of a brick oven in Mexico City's Zocalo plaza 
     to celebrate the dead.
     Javier Lopez ties bundles of marigolds to use
     in the celebrations in Mexico City's massive 
     central market.

     Victor Herrera unloads bundles of marigolds
     that he will sell and use to adorn graves.
     Mexico City worker Carlos Martinez prepares
     an exhibit in the city's Zocalo in honor of the

     A skeleton grins out of an ofrenda featuring the
     dead grieving over the dead.
    La Catrina, or Lady Death, stands in front of the
    Mexico City cathedral. 

     A skeleton leans to offer a cempazuchil
     flower. The orange-petaled plant is the
     flor de muerto and traditional at this time
     of year.
    People spread food such as chicken with
    mole sauce, bread and salt on the ofrendas
    to be enjoyed by the spirits of the dead on
    their return, with a shot of tequila or
    mezcal to wash it down.

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