Colombian Immigrants
in the United States 


El Colombiano Newspaper

Colombians flee violence at home

Colombians seek extended stay in U.S.


At the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, a long line
of people seeking visas formed hours
before the opening time.

Colombian exiles face uncertain U.S. future
Colombian travelers asking to stay in U.S.
Colombians push for immigration reprieve
Colombia’s Fugitives From Woe
Prosperous Colombians Fleeing, Many to the U.S.

Colombian expatriates going to polls
34,226 colombianos listos para votar en Miami
Violence, economy force Colombians to migrate

Colombia vive atroz crisis de refugiados
Victims in drug war fighting deportation
Uribe anuncia tarjeta consular para colombianos ilegales en EEUU
Alegre celebración del día de Colombia en Miami
Colombia issues special identity cards for citizens in U.S.
Consulado entregará tarjetas de identidad a colombianos en Miami


Jenny and Enrique Hernandez dance Sunday at the Second
Festival Indepencencia de Colombia, Orlando, Florida.

Senadora colombiana visita a su comunidad en EEUU
Hail Colombia

U.S. Colombians seek more political clout