The African Heritage in Latin America

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Maroon runaway slave Black slaves from different nations



Sugar mills of the 19th century


Hidden kingdom of the Afro-Bolivians


Black Brazilians emerge from margins
Blacks' push for quotas stirs up Brazil
Brazil creates race quotas to aid blacks
Brazil's blacks combat 'racial democracy' myth
Multiracial Brazil Planning Quotas for Blacks
Racial Quotas in Brazil Touch Off Fierce Debate
Roda Capoeira ABADA Capoeira Santa Cruz
Brazilian boy killed, cult suspected
Brazil mourns death of candomble religious leader
Candomblé 'limpia' a un senador
Catholics Battle Brazilian Faith in 'Black Rome'
'Witchcraft' Murders Cast A Gruesome Spell
A uniquely Brazilian religion celebrates 100 years

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The Maroons: Dark Warriors of the Spanish Main
Montserrat Celebrates Slave Revolt
Past Glories Still Drive Maroons
Expedition to find missing slave ship
Who Went With Columbus? Dental Studies Give Clues

Afro-Colombian News
Mi Choco
Poblacion Afrocolombiana
Town is piece of Africa in Colombia


Costa Rican presidential candidate channels spirit of Obama

Amistad revolt
Slave Merchants (Hugh Thomas, Cuba)
Black Cuba (Hugh Thomas, Cuba)

Dotacion del Ingenio El Dorado en Sagua, 1853
La Revolucion Cubana y la Raza de Color (Apuntes y Datos) (1895)
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Testimony of Robert Williams (U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Feb. 16, 1970)
'Asere', en Cuba no te dejan vivir
No Segregation in Prerevolutionary Cuba
Cuba Begins to Answer Its Race Question
In Cuba, Old Racial Attitudes Revived
Cuba's blacks drop behind as economy leans on exiles' money
Progress for Cuba's black citizens?
Rapping Cuba: A different kind of dissident
Castro admite que en la isla hay discriminación
Hip-hop not getting bad rap in Cuba
Cuban Rastafarians struggle with discrimination, meet clandestinely
Racism - Taboo, Complicated and Thorny Issue
It's Time to Address Racism in Cuba
Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba on racism
Open Letter by Abdias Nascimento, Oct. 30. 2009
Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba's crackdown on black civil rights groups
Acting on Our Conscience: A Declaration of African American Support for the Civil Rights Struggle in Cuba
Cuba Briefing Sheet: Racial Demographics
Cuba blasts US black leaders for charges of racism
Racism fight in Cuba needs new thinking
U.S. writer wants name off list of signers on Cuban letter

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Lima apologizes to Afro-Peruvians for abuses